The Benefits of Swedish Massage

I am often asked what the benefit of Swedish Massage is, and how it differs from Deep Tissue Massage. 

Overall, Swedish Massage involves nearly the same techniques but where-as Deep Tissue focuses on penetrating deep into the muscle, Swedish massage instead focuses on non-invasive strokes that will not harm the muscles or leave you sore.

Swedish Massage have the following benefits:

Blood Flow: Swedish Massage can help with blood flow since we use long, stroking motions in the direction of blood flow towards the heart. This helps to open up the blood vessels and increases blood flow.

Helps With Flexibility: A wider range of motion is realised if we are more flexible. When we incorporate both Swedish Massage and stretching into a regular health regimen, your overall flexibility improves.

Helps Against Pain: Swedish Massage is especially effective to help manage pain the natural way, especially for the elderly suffering from osteoarthritis or chronic pain.

Improves Mood: This type of massage is extremely relaxing and soothing, especially if you are feeling very stressed. Since we are not applying direct pressure to the inner muscle, instead we are applying just enough pressure to help your stressed body relax as a whole during Swedish Massage.

There are various other benefits apart from the above mentioned, but these are some of the most beneficial advantages.

If you have any questions about Swedish Massage, do let me know. I would love to hear from you.

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