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I am committed to using only natural products that are pure, non-toxic, environmentally friendly such as olive oil, coconut- and almond oil as my base oils during a massage. Every product I use has been handpicked by me to ensure it is of good quality and will have benefits to your body, mind, and soul.



Through my long career as a therapist, I have gained the knowledge and the experience to help you improve not only your body but your overall health, wellness, and wellbeing. My treatments are tailored to your individual needs since I believe that every person is different; every one of us has their unique requirements and aims towards health and wellbeing. I thus tailor my treatments to your benefit and health goals.

My journey as a therapist and holistic adviser started when I was very young. Through the years, and through various up-and-downs in my own life, I have gone through the good and bad just as you have. I have extensive knowledge of what it feels like to be stressed, to feel like you are only earning a living and not thriving as a human being.

When you come to me for a treatment, I know how you feel and where your emotions are coming from. My treatment approach is not to have you come and go, pay me for the treatment, and enjoy the benefits of a massage for a couple of days. Oh no! My deepest desire is to help others and assist them to achieve ultimate wellbeing. I want to share my knowledge and how I found my own ‘nirvana’ here in Sweden.

My treatments are about looking at the whole of who you are. I aim to help you find the peace you desire through enjoying a treatment that goes deeper than just skin deep. A treatment that speaks to your body, mind, and soul by employing ancient and modern techniques I have learned throughout my life as a therapist.

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