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HOLISTIC CONCIERGE is a collective space for you to get exposure on Instagram, and my social networks.

As well as find and connect with mentors and other like-minded souls.

It’s specifically for spiritual healers and people in the holistic world. You can network and collaborate together.

Social Media can be overwhelming when you prefer to be focusing your time with treating clients. In the online space you can feel surrounded by content that may not match your work. Here at Holistic Concierge you can talk with people who discuss similar topics.

Are you trying to run your holistic business alone and struggling? Now you can connect with fellow holistic healers and exchange services to help each other grow on social media.
My main focus is to feature your work via visual graphics on Instagram. You will get advice on how to market and grow your business. You will also be able to promote your business in this community.
I help you get your expertise noticed on a bigger scale. When we work online the world is our customer. There will be a directory where you can list your business and services. This puts you in touch with people locally or in other countries. This will be great for workshops, retreats etc.
I am Sofia Rego founder of Holistic Concierge since 2018. I have been called to be the bridge between two worlds.
Connecting healers to healers and seekers to healers. Join me in a supportive community with Moon sisters and a soul tribe of healers.
If you have never come across me before I am Sofia the founder of Fia Soul Wisdom. I have been
a professional holistic therapist for 20 + years. I am qualified in
Ayurvedic Massage therapist, Dynamic Reiki, Akashic Records and a student of Moonology.
I’m passionate about helping my clients and I love intuitively connecting people. Once I get to know their needs I match them up with Holistic experts & events.
In the Summer of 2018 I Supported and showcased workshops By Able Louge. Where I met and connected with a group of coaches and I held workshop as their Body Awareness expert and that’s when I was guided to start my community on Instagram account www.instagam.com/holistic_concierge where I featured friends and experts that inspired me.
Holistic Concierge is how I started to support the community around me.
 Through the power of being online and travelling and meeting more people, I then found a wider audience.
I too struggle to be online that’s when the concept of also helping other therapists grow
their spiritual businesses evolved. We can’t help people if they don’t know about us.
Holistic Concierge will be a community of support. Let me show you what’s included in the membership:




Since all promotional material will be for Instagram, all your files should be JPGs please.


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File sizes up to 250 KB are accepted. Please ensure to scale all JPG adverts to a file size between 30 to maximum 250 KB.


Once you've designed your promotional materials, login to your Ayurwisdom account, and send these to us via the Holistic Concierge Submission Form.

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